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RE: Recommendations about OpenLDAP

Hi Paul,

Kurt Zielenga wrote:
>paulvmf@gmail.com wrote:
> >
> >I want to do some questions about an implementation on server that I
> >want to do using OpenLDAP.
> >
> >I have found many tutorials and information about how to do it, but
> >there are some tutorials that are not so good or not seem to have the
> >enough information, so I would like your recommendations and
> >experience in that, I want some web links where I can find enough
> >information and your general recommendations about what I am going to
> >do:
> >- Installation of Open LDAP.
> Download the latest version of OpenLDAP Software and
> follow the instructions detailed in the OpenLDAP
> Admin Guide.

Free binaries (CDS Silver) for several different platforms can be had at
http://www.symas.com. Our current releases are based on OpenLDAP 2.3.20.

This saves you the (sometimes considerable) effort involved in Chapter 4 of
the OpenLDAP Admin Guide.

> >- Configuration of secure connections with clients.
> See the TLS and SASL chapters of the Admin Guide.
> Kurt



Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation
Packaged, certified, and supported LDAP solutions powered by OpenLDAP: