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ASYNC call blocking

I posted a message a week ago about the ASYNC ldap_bind call blocking.

ldap_bind is supposed to be ASYNC and not block, and ldap_bind_s is
supposed to be SYNC and block. But both ldap_bind_s AND ldap_bind is

ldap_bind will block with a bogus IP or with no active internet connection.

Has anybody successfully used ldap_bind? Is this a known bug? Is there
a workaround? Has it been fixed since 2.2.17?


 - Jeremiah


   It seems that a call to ldap_bind blocks. I expected ldap_bind to
always immediately return the id. However, if I unplug the ethernet
cable from my computer and run my application, the call to ldap_bind
blocks. While my application is sitting there blocked if I plug the
ethernet plug back in, the call returns the id and then behaves as
   I also noticed that ldap_bind blocks if you're attempting to
connect to a bogus IP address.
   Is there something else I need to do so that ldap_bind never blocks?

   I'm using openldap-2.2.17.


 - Jeremiah