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Re: Branche on Sql-Backend

On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 11:17 +0100, Sebastian Hoegl wrote:
> Hello list,
> im new to openldap. i have already setup an openldap server with sql
> backend. now i would merge the sql backend and the regular bdb. is it
> possible to create a branche for my ldap tree on a sql backend.
> example
> bdb:
> dc=test,dc=loc
> ou=bdb,dc=test,dc=loc
> sql
> ou=sql,dc=test,dc=loc
> when its possible how i have to configre the openldap deamon? i know i must
> define my sql config before the bdb config.

Your question is not 100% clear; my understanding is that you already
have a database that uses back-sql to present an existing RDBMS's data
thru OpenLDAP's slapd, and now you want that database to appear as
subordinate to a database that's stored locally in that instance of

I suggest you look at the "subordinate" directive in slapd.conf(5);
something like this should work:

database sql
suffix "ou=sql,dc=test,dc=loc"

database bdb
suffix "dc=test,dc=loc"

(omitting non-relevant configuration).  Hope this helps.


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