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OpenLDAP 2.3 - second master as hot standby?

Hello everyone,

i am looking into setting up a second master server as failover spare using syncrepl. The setup i am thinking of looks like this:

| client request|
| Load Balancer |
active / hot standby
+--------------+ replication +----------------+
|primary master|----------------|secondary master|
+--------------+ +----------------+

The idea is to have the load balancer redirect queries and updates
to the active master, and use syncrepl to push or pull changes to
the hot standby, so that in case of a failure the load balancer can
switch to the hot standby with only minimal interruption to service.
I have been looking into this and am not sure if this can be done at all, i have sifted through a lot of postings on the net and have found
inconclusive results.
If someone has done this or knows something about it or would just like to share a rant or a clue i would be most grateful.

TIA and have a nice weekend!