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Re: Munging an OpenLDAP slapd server

I suggest you take a look at the backend interface (by
examining an existing simple backend, like back-passwd)
and/or the overlay interface (by examining an existing
simple overlay).  -- Kurt

At 03:14 PM 1/25/2006, J.Lance Wilkinson, 814-865-1818 wrote:
>>I think you could just use saslauthd to forward the password stuff to the 
>>KDC, to get whether or not they can bind?
>>Quanah Gibson-Mount
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>        Thanks for the response.  However, I'm not sure I expressed my need
>        correctly given your reply.
>        The bind stuff is done already from an earlier application, and it
>        works.  It's the SEARCH when it's in an anonymous bind state that I
>        need to implement.
>        When I'm bound to anonymously, I'll then receive a search with a
>        filter of (uid=xxx) to which I must a search result of a single entry,
>        a  DN of "uid=xxx,ou=zzz,dc=nn,dc=mm", and then get my munged slapd to
>        return that appropiately.  
>        Alternatively, If I decide I want to claim there are not matches
>        to the filter specified, I need to get my munged slapd to return 
>        the appropriate results for "search found nothing."
>        What I need help with is the anonymous search from the viewpoint of
>        slapd and its source files.   I need to know which slapd source
>        modules I'd need to change, how I'd find the uid=xxx value desired in
>        the search request received, how to return an unsuccessful search
>        result, and how to return a successful search result.
>        I'll apply these changes to the source tree for slapd, along with
>        the already changed bind.c code that implements satisfactorally the
>        non-anonymous bind against the KDC.
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