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Re: auditlog overlay in 2.3.18

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Let me rephrase that question... searching the cvsweb and
openldap-commit archives, it looks like instead of being partially
removed, that the auditlog overlay was only partially incorporated (on
June 7, 2005) and has not been moved into general use.

That's what I meant.

Is there a problem with using it?

I don't know. Possibly, it was intended for contrib/slapd-modules/ rather than servers/slapd/overlays/ (that's where some of the overlays of little use that are currently in servers/slapd/overlays/ may end-up); someone else might have more precise answers.

Since it overlapped significantly with the slurpd replog code I had wanted to consolidate the two, but there was no high priority to get that done. Also the accesslog overlay generally seemed to be more useful, so we focused on that.

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