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Re: reprocessing rejected replica entries

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Angel L. Mateo wrote:

>	So now, I have run slurpd in one-shot mode indicating with -r option
>the .rej file and the updates were completed.
>	My question is: is there any way to reprocess slurpd without needing to
>run slurpd in one-shot mode?

No, that's what one-shot mode is for.  slurpd is behaving as documented.

>	If I have to run slurpd with -o option, do I have to delete the .rej
>file? Can I delete it while slurpd is running?

There's no reason to delete the reject file, but if you deleted it while
slurpd had an open filehandle you could lose an error.  Since slurpd will
just pick up where it left off I'd suggest simply stopping slurpd while
you clean out its working directory.

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