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Re: Q: How can I use a different core.schema with 2.3.x?

I truly would like to use 2.3 and hope that I have made a silly config
error somewhere. Should I be able to replace telephoneNumber in
core.schema in 2.3.x?

Thank you.

Are these custom clients? What prevents them from using the telephoneNumber attribute? At the least, it sounds like the clients you have querying your service are horribly broken.

Clients: Cell phones, Outlook, Thunderbird, ScheduleWorld, Evolution, KMail, OS/X mail, etc..

Take a cell phone - the numbers it pushes to an LDAP server are often not compliant with SYNTAX{32}.

I would have to write some code to translate arbitrary UTF-8 TEL strings into ...121.1.50 - which is guaranteed to not work perfectly (then back again into UTF-8 -lossless, which is guaranteed not to work perfectly).

If I don't do perfect translation to/from 121.1.50 (which is impossible) all LDAP clients (Thunderbird, OS/X mail, Outlook, etc..) will get the incorrectly translated number, and eventually push that back to the phone.

Also, a good percentage of raw phone numbers entered in Outlook/Thunderbird/OSX mail, etc.. that I see from folks around the globe do not conform to ...121.1.50. It's not just a cell phone problem, but any non-LDAP software that wants to stay in sync with the LDAP server.

I don't want to disable schema checking. Though, that seems like the only realistic option as modifying schema_prep.c (thank Frank) sounds like a maintenance problem.

Have I missed anything? I hope so because if not I will have to move to another LDAP server.

Thank you.

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