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Re: mysql backend mysql.sock ubuntu

This is a mysql configuration directive.
Off-topc here, but here's a hint:  Look for "socket=filename" in your my.cnf.


On 1/23/06, ict <ict@wildernesse.kent.sch.uk> wrote:
> hi,
> i am trying to setup a slapd server, i have it running fine using the
> default bdb database,
> how ever i would like to use the mysql backend so that queries can be run
> on the database and
> the usernames and passwords can be used with other systems.
> after setting up everything and starting the server i get an error saying
> that mysql.sock can not
> be used, i have seached the system and this file does not appear to exist
> on ubuntu.
> has anyone got this working with ubuntu, or have any idea why mysql.sock
> is missing or how to add it
> back or anything that could be of use ???
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