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Re: Long time queris on search string of 3 char

> Sorry Guys,
> but that options are documented in the man on the new version.

Likely they're only documented in the version they are actually supported.

> Pointed out that I'v not installed the new version How can I know what
> is write on a man that  I'vnt.

I don't think there's anything the Project can do for you besides
suggestion to upgrade.

> I think that some info should be write on the options overview of the
> server.

Can you clarify what does this mean?

> Doing a search on the openldap site http://www.google.com/search?q=site%
> 3Awww.OpenLDAP.org+index_substr_if_minlen&btnG=Search
> I get just some about mailing list but nothing bind to the new
> slapd.conf or new funcionality of the version.

I think you should complain and report that with Google, not here.

> Yep. I think that something better could be do on the documentatio.



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