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Re: identity assertion

On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 16:16 -0600, Eric Irrgang wrote:

> I already have my target directory set up that way but I don't know how to
> do identity assertion from a regular ldap client without using SASL.  Is
> there a way?  For instance, the following fails with "ldapsearch: not
> compiled with SASL support"
> ldapsearch -x -W -D cn=authorizeduser,dc=test -X cn=config,dc=test

No.  The message seems to indicate that your client doesn't have SASL
compiled in, but in any case the -x prevents it from doing a SASL bind,
so you should use something different.  But, as I said before,
authorization and SASL are orthogonal.  Without mucking with SASL, you
can use:

ldapsearch -x -W -D cn=authorizeduser,dc=test \
        -e '!authzid=dn:cn=config,dc=test'

this causes the tool to use the proxyAuthz control on that operation
(the '!' is because the control MUST be critical).


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