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Re: [ldap] Implementation Suggestions

1. Separate directory from account data . . . perhaps using refers of
some sort to "make it look" like they're all one server/service.
Directory stuff is by far the most intensely searched, updated, and
involves "unusual" queries instead of a simple "give me this one

Splitting up your DIT can give some performance improvements if you have separate storage for each part. back-meta may also give you some flexibility options. You may also want to review your indexing options.

I was even almost thinking more than just separate storage . . . separate machines entirely. Back-meta looked quite interesting and I never got a chance to look into it heavily. I did run into a weird problem at one point where I tried to effectively alias o=NCSU,c=US to dc=ncsu,dc=edu and for some reason the backend that was handling that kept "crashing". (by crashing I meant, it would start to spit errors instead of answering queries we elected to just kick that to the curb)

2. Is Solaris causing too much of a bottleneck I/O wise?  It seems
to  be
notorious for having slower I/O than Linux, so I'm wondering if
part of my problem.  This is Solaris 8 btw.

Solaris 9 started huge updates to the disk system and Solaris 10 keeps it going. (Although they were always faster than linux, in my opinion) Upgrading to Solaris 10 will give you a boost for free.

Hrm. Unfortunately I really don't have the option of upping to > Solaris 8 yet. We operate around 'kits' here and no one has created a kit for 9 or 10 yet. (Working on 10 but looots of other things took priority)

If you want to stick with solaris 8, there are a lot of articles out
there about tuning solaris disks with fsflushr-related settings.  Look
at docs.sun.com for solaris 8 /etc/system tunables.  Even if you
upgrade, you should look into your OS tunables for such an I/O-intense
service as ldap.

Hrm, Ok! I'll take a look around!

3. Maybe I have Berkeley DB configured like crap?  Thing is I
can't  seem



Thanks for your response!!