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Re: [ldap] Implementation Suggestions

--On Friday, January 20, 2006 3:23 PM -0500 Daniel Henninger <daniel@ncsu.edu> wrote:

I'm no expert, but I do run on Solaris (9), a couple of things I can
think of...

It may be worth adding the noatime flag to the filesystems that hold
data and (bdb) logs.  You are indexing a lot of attributes, do you

No atime? That's interesting. I've never heard of that, what does that do? As for the BDB logs, is it a reasonable thing to think "this is totally read only and if i lose the data, I regenerate it . . . that means I don't really need BDB's transaction logs"? I didn't see how to turn them off exactly, but I don't know that I need them given that I'd sooner regen everything than I would attempt to get BDB to roll back.

No, that is not reasonable. The BDB transaction logs are required (hence the inability to prevent their generation). In the case of a core dump, for example, they will be necessary to recover the database environment when slapd is restarted.

I note that your slapd.conf is also missing a:


directive, which is somewhat essential as well. checkpointing in 2.2 only occurs after the specified intervals have passed AND another write comes in. In 2.3, checkpointing occurs after the specified intervals. Another reason to investigate upgrading. Having the checkpointing in place will also help slapd shutdown times, and help ensure little to no data is lost in the event of an unclean shutdown.


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