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OL 2.3.18 syncrepl vs slurpd

I'm attempting to convert from using slurpd to using syncrepl. However, my testing is developing a definite belief that syncrepl is hopelessly unable to keep up.

I have a test situation where I have loaded a 48,819 entry ldif using slapadd -q -w on the master and slapadd -q on the replica. I then proceed to perform 12,654 modrdns, 56 modifies, and 961 delete/add actions in rapid succession.

Using slurpd, the script runs in 28 minutes on the master and within one (1) minute the replica is up to date. Using syncrepl, the script runs in 25 minutes on the master, but the replica will take about 45 minutes to get in sync (one test took over 90 minutes).

I haven't found any syncrepl tuning documents, so I'm kind of shooting blind after reading the Admin Guide and the syncrepl man pages.

  I'm using the following in the master slapd.conf:

overlay syncprov
syncprov-checkpoint 1000 10
syncprov-sessionlog 1000
syncprov-nopresent FALSE
syncprov-reloadhint FALSE

  I'm using the following in the replica slapd.conf:

syncrepl rid=100

Doing ldapsearch calls at sixty second intervals, it appears that syncrepl is handling approximately 200 updates per minute.

Anyone have any insight to what I've done wrong or where I should start looking?


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