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Re: make errors with 2.3.17. fixed

I do intend you use the distro's upgrade path in the future and prefer it that way. I currently run 2.2.23-5mdk in production (a 2005 machine). This was just to check out if the support for cleartext passwords was working in the new version and to get ready for an upgrade of production. It wasn't on my current 2006 2.3.6-4mdk version which I still have installed with the compiled version running beside it. But now that I am aware of your rpms i will use them in future.
Thanks for your help.

Buchan Milne wrote:

On Thursday 19 January 2006 02:30, Dennis Matotek wrote:

just a wrap up. that of course worked. have compiled installed
cyrus-sasl-2.1.21 (only had to edit lib/saslint.h) from source and then
openldap-2.3.17 compiled and installed fine.

The further you depart from the software shipped with the distribution, the less the people supporting the distribution can help you.

Since I can't reproduce your problem, I fail to see how compiling from source is the best solution.

Additionally, since 2006.0 *will* be getting an updated OpenLDAP version (most likely something like the current 2.3.18 packages), I would really recommend using the packages I made available to you, if you want to have a smooth transition to packages supported by the distribution (ie when we ship an update for 2006.0).