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Re: make errors with 2.3.17.

# From: Andreas Hasenack <ahasenack@terra.com.br>
>--On Wednesday, January 18, 2006 2:38 PM +1100 Dennis Matotek
><dennis@utiba.com> wrote:
>>Having an error compiling the source on 2.3.17.
>>machine is:
>>mandriva 2006 2.6.12-14mdk

It's the 2.1.22beta, which has many important fixes even though it's
marked as beta in the tarball. Unfortunately the whole Cyrus thing went
through some storm in the last few months it seems, but I hope things
will get back to normal soon.

You really ought to look into why you're shipping a static libsasl2 library without all of its dependencies, as I noted in my earlier post.

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