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RE: slapd and meta devices under Solaris 8

One thought that just struck me, you might find it helps to mount the partition with the db's on with the noatime option (if you're not already doing so). 

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Subject: slapd and meta devices under Solaris 8


I'm currently doing some tests with OpenLDAP on a system where the real
disk devices are bound together as RAID 1 meta devices. To me slapd -q
seems to be extremly slow on this systems (compared to tests on my Linux
i386 laptop).
After a while disks are 100% busy, CPU load is very low (<5%).

The system:
Sun Sparc 4 CPUs, 8GB RAM
Solaris 8 with Sun Solstice Disksuite
OpenLDAP 2.3.17
BDB 4.2.52 + 4 patches

Any hints whether such a setup with meta devices does affect perfomance
with databases? There seem to be similar problems with another directory
server product on the same system.

Ciao, Michael.


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