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Re: make errors with 2.3.17.

On Wednesday 18 January 2006 06:49, Howard Chu wrote:
> Your libsasl2 package is broken. The code in libsasl.a depends on
> several external libraries, but static libraries have no mechanism for
> expressing external library dependencies. This is one of the problems
> with static libraries that libtool is designed to solve, but that only
> works when the corresponding .la file that libtool generates for its
> libraries gets installed along with the library. If you actually have a
> /usr/lib/libsasl2.la file on your system, then it seems to be missing
> the proper dependency_libs settings. Or if you're missing the .la file,
> that's your problem. In general of course, it's preferred to build
> libraries that have external dependencies as shared libraries, because
> they do have a mechanism for recording their dependencies without
> outside help. So all in all, the provider of your libsasl2 package needs
> to get their act together.
> Dennis Matotek wrote:
> > Having an error compiling the source on 2.3.17.
> >
> > machine is:
> > mandriva 2006 2.6.12-14mdk
> > libsasl2-devel-2.1.22-11mdk
> > libopenssl0.9.7-devel-0.9.7g-2.1.20060mdk
> > libdb4.2-4.2.52-7mdk

libdb4.2-devel ? Or libdb4.3-devel ?

(db4.2 is the default for 2006, all packages that use db4 use db4.2, not 

Anyway, I have no problems on any Mandriva systems I still have access to 
compile on ...

BTW, you might save yourself some time, and either:

1)Use the packages here:

2)Wait for updates for 2006.0. So far it seems like we may ship something like 
2.3.18 ...


(OpenLDAP maintainer for Mandriva)

Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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