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Re: is there any document of the monitor branch ?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Hi, all
i am not very sure of the meaning some attributes of the monitor branch?
is there any documents to explaine it ?

None that I'm aware of. Feel free to submit what you find out; the FAQ
(which is interactive) would be a good place to start with (e.g. in

Most of the object/branch names are actually quite self-explanatory, at least the objects that provide quantifiable data (threads, connections, operations etc). Some of them even have "description" attributes.

Some, however, are not. So I have one question regarding the monitor branch that someone with better knowledge to the inner workings of OpenLDAP may be able to answer:

What are, and what functions have, "Waiters"?

(They are typically referred to as "cn={Read,Write}, cn=Waiters, cn=Monitor".)

-- Bjørn