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RE: slapd and meta devices under Solaris 8

On 12:37:35 pm 2006-01-17 "Spicer, Kevin" <KevinS@bmrb.co.uk> wrote:
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> From: "Michael StrÃder"
> >  I'm currently doing some tests with OpenLDAP on a system where the
> >  real disk devices are bound together as RAID 1 meta devices. To me
> >  slapd -q seems to be extremly slow on this systems (compared to
> >  tests on my Linux i386 laptop).
> >  After a while disks are 100% busy, CPU load is very low (<5%).
> I'm running openldap on solaris 9 (v240 servers, dual CPU 2G ram), my
> databases are on metadevices (actually a logical partitions on top of a
> large raid 1 mirror) and I'm not seeing anything like the disk I/O
> issues you mention.

Does anybody know if there were significant changes to meta devices
from Sloaris 8 to 9?

> Are you sure the load is
> from slapd, not Solaris LDAP client tools?

While slapadd running the disk load was 100%. Now it's 0. IMHO the Solaris
LDAP client tools are not used at all.

Ciao, Michael.