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Re: slapd shutdown

--On Friday, January 13, 2006 7:05 PM +0000 Kevin Spicer <kevins@bmrb.co.uk> wrote:

I've just had slapd shutdown (cleanly) with the following...

 slapd[19746]: [ID 430601 local4.debug] daemon: abnormal condition,
shutdown initiated.

from a quick perusal of daemon.c it seems that all but one of the
situations under which this could occur log a message at level
LDAP_DEBUG_ANY.  Assuming thats correct that leaves...

if( err != EINTR ) {
      daemon: select failed (%d): %s\n",
      err, sock_errstr(err), 0 );
   slapd_shutdown = 2;

I've worked out that I need to enable logging of connection management
(which I'm now doing) in case this happens again.  Just wondered if
anyone else had seen anything like this happen and could point me at
anything else to check.

This is ol 2.3.16 on Solaris 9

I've had this happening periodically with Solaris 8 (where slapd suddenly shuts down) for a while. It appears to happen most often for me on a system under very high load. I'd thought of running slapd under gdb, but it happens so infrequently in my case (maybe once a month) it wasn't worth the effort. If you can consistently reproduce it, or get it to occur often, that would be useful information too.


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