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Re: Multiple master instant synchro with syncrepl

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006, GROSU Petru wrote:

> > Does anyone used already the syncrepl command on OpenLDAP 2.3
> > for instant synchronisation of two LDAPs?
I don't know if any of us have "instant" configured, but there certainly
are some refreshAndPersist configurations that Usually Happen Quickly, as
well as some refreshOnly with short intervals.

> > Does it work?
The vast majority of the time on newer versions such as 2.3.17, yes. An
occasional look at the ITS/CVS can be worthwhile too. (ITS#4331 relating
to syncrepl, for instance, has been fixed in CVS but not in Release yet.
Of course it will likely be in 2.3.18.)