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Re: Rép. : Re: Overlay Chain

> Hi,
> I have no error, I have created my referral link without pb (i can
> connect to the server), when openLdap start without problem.
> When I see my directory on ldap browser I have somethiibg like:
> dc=monAnnuaire,dc=fr
> ou=service1
> ou=service2
> ldap://Ip:636/ou=users,dc=NDS
> ldap://Ip:636/ou=groups,dc=NDS
> ...........
> So my problem is when I want to deploy the subtree in referral link , I
> must re enter a user/password ?
> if I re entrer the login/password I can follow the subtree.
> is that I don't understand ?

I love to hear that "on ldap browser I have somethiibg like:", and I'm so
sorry that you need to "re enter a user/password"; unfortunately, as I
said before, this is not helping me (and, I suspect, anyone else) in
helping you.  Unless you send what you were repeatedly asked during the
last messages, we'll be talking on nothing, and this usually doesn't lead
to any progress.


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