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Re: syncrepl and glue

> Attempting to use syncrepl it seems that syncrepl on the top level
> database is not restricted to entries within that db.  I'm not sure

In not so many words, this is true; syncrepl of a glued database will
result in the glued components being syncrepl'd. In your case it sounds
that the root dc=example,dc=com is coming from multiple directions, one of
which is making automatic glue entries, one of which is (over?)writing
them as things get repl'd in?

Basically, I'd play around with making your syncrepl base(s) be more
qualified, so as to prevent the automatic glue entries from biting you.
i.e. instead of simply syncrepl ldap://server1/dc=example,dc=com, make a
bunch of syncrepl


and so on, such that no one syncrepl directive will glue into another.