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Re: API: Getting paged results

On Saturday 07 January 2006 09:25, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> admin limits (like AD, for example)?  The answer is: yes.  But OpenLDAP
> dos not provide any C API calls to encode/parse pagedResults
> requests/responses, you'll need to code them yourself maybe following
> the ldapsearch.c implementation as a guideline.

I have implemented ldap_create_page_control and ldap_parse_page_control
myself as part of my implementation of wldap32.dll for Wine. But I was
wondering, would the OpenLDAP project accept patches that add those to
the C API?

I know that paged results are an optional part of the specification and
that the vlv control subsumes the page control, but still, the server
does implement the page control. And it would certainly ease the porting
of software to OpenLDAP if there was corresponding support in the C API.