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Re: Question about 'Chain' openLdap directory

> Hi,
> I have two openldap Directories.
> The tree structure of the two directories is very different :
> The first one is like this : dc=directory1,dc=MyCompagny2
> The second is like : o=directory2,o=MyCompagny2 .
> I need to chain the two directories.

what does "chain" mean in this case?  chaining usually means that one of
the DSAs contain a portion of the information, the other contains another
portion, and you want that one of the DSA be able to propagate an
operation on data contained in the other on behalf of the client, rather
than returning a referral.  However, since the two naming contexts don't
share anything, I don't se how the two DSAs could be related.

> In the first step I have created a referral link. (I use ldap Browser
> to watch me
> directory). It's work fine if the tree structure is the same. (Same
> Manager user name, in the same subtree)

Does this mean the two DSAs contain the same data?  In this case there's
no need to chain anything; actually, I would expect one is  replica of the

> In my case, the referral link don't work, because the user used to
> connect to the first directory which containt the referral link is not
> in the second. So referral link seam no to work.
> So I want to use something like the chaining of directory (it's
> possible with novel directory).
> My question are:
> 1) can I solve my problem with chaining directory or is it possible
> with refferal (if so how ?)

Unless you clarify what you intend to do, the answer o this is undefined.

> 2) is it possible to simply chain two different (tree structure )
> openLdap directory ?

The short answer is: NO.

> 3) if yes is some one can give me a link where I can found
> documentations or examples ?


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