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Re: 2.3.11 syncrepl failing - send_ldap_response: ber write failed

--On Wednesday, January 04, 2006 3:46 PM -0800 Ron Grant <rgrant@shuttle.net> wrote:

I really only need to know if anyone has any idea what it is trying to
write when it fails with a "ber write failed"? I've already "worked
around" one bug in syncrepl (the one about not creating glue entries) and
would be happy to work around this problem while syncrepl stabilizes. I'm
MUCH more comfortable using the "stable" release.....

The sad fact here, though, is that "stable" is really a misnomer if you are using it to guide what you run in production. It is simply the most proven release to be marked stable since the last "stable" release. I run a fairly large set of directory servers (10 production, 4 test, 4 dev, and I a 3 system UAT environment to be added into the mix soon as well). I have goals that include stability and 100% uptime across the load balance pool. If I had deployed 2.3.11, I never would have achieved that (I didn't migrate to 2.3 until 2.3.13, because the previous releases simply didn't stay up on my dev and test environments). I.e., 2.3.12 was more "stable" than 2.3.11, 2.3.13 was more "stable" than 2.3.12. I don't know about 2.3.14 or 2.3.15. Sometimes newer releases are not an improvement due to accidentally introduced bugs, which is why I actively use my dev and test servers for exactly those things.


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