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Re: Schemacheck off ignored

I turned schema checking on when I upgraded to 2.0 and it helped my development efforts enormously. But recently I started taking advantage of syncrepl and was disheartened to find that you can't turn it off even in this case, contrary to the docs. IMHO I think that syncrepl is a "special case" where schemachecking=OFF would be a good thing, as you can could setup a replica or replicated subset easily without having to duplicate and update the entire schema. Seems to me that schemachecking is only of use on the server to which you write; i.e. useless on a replica.

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

At 06:53 AM 1/3/2006, Bruno Bzeznik wrote:

some other servers are using the ldap directories and thez add
supplementary attributes to entries independently of the attributes I manage in my

BTW, the standard way of enabling the addition of values of any (user application) attribute to an object is to use the extensibleObject mechanism. This mechanism is supported for years in OpenLDAP Software.