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Re: ldapadd error

Please keep replies on the list.

On Tuesday 03 January 2006 15:20, Ighal Micha wrote:
> Buchan, here are my slapd.conf's files.

So you were trying the write on the slave as rootdn, not as replicadn.

> I don't know if these situation could be doing something nasty:

No (on ldbm vs bdb), but version differences could be the cause of your 

> Master: ldbm database (old)
> Slave: bdb database (a more recent linux box)
> The main problem is that I'm having problems with the replica process.

Why didn't you say this in the beginning?

But, to test replication, you must bind as the replicadn 
(uid=replica,o=intermediasp) , not as the rootdn. The replicadn is the only 
dn that will not get a referral on a write to a slave (a server/database with 
updatedn/updateref set).


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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