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Re: OL 2.2 and syncrepl vs slurpd

On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 09:40 -0500, Francis Swasey wrote:
> Good day, folks;
> It appears the handwriting is on the wall that slurpd is going to be 
> dropped fairly soon (since it hasn't been updated since 2.0 and doesn't 
> work with the config backend in 2.3).
> I'm still working with OL 2.2 (on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 -- 
> locally built RPM's though) and seeing that Howard has posted that 
> syncrepl should not be used with 2.2 back in the summer -- I'm wondering 
> if that is still the prevailing thought or if syncrepl has been improved 
> in the 2.2.30 release enough that I could convert to using syncrepl now 
> and convert to OL 2.3 in the spring or summer (the next time the student 
> body is gone for a length of time).

Personally speaking, I wouldn't count too much on suddenly dropping
slurpd.  I mean: we do not intend to develop it to the point where slapd
is now, so no back-config support; however, slapd will (ever?) allow
complete overlapping of slapd.conf and back-config, so slurpd users
shouldn't worry too much.  Also, note that no further development
doesn't mean that bugfixes will not be addressed.  If you diff the code,
you'll see that slurpd saw little but continuous development during the
lifespan of 2.3, and is still seeing some to address long-living issues
in the ITS.  So the approaches, in order of preference, are:

- move to 2.3 ASAP, using syncrepl (recommended)
- stay with 2.2 for a while, using slurpd (make it a short while)

anything between should be reasonable:

- move to 2.3 ASAP, using slurpd (not too bad)
- stay with 2.2 for a while, using syncrepl (not recommended)

In any case, note that 2.2. is now about to become historic (if it's
already I missed it, sorry), so you shouldn't stay with it too long;
summer might be late: you won't benefit from regular support and back-
porting of bugfixes.


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