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Re: ppolicy acting strange

I think you'll find that the password history constraint only applies
where the user is changing their own password.  This is pretty much like
using the passwd program, you may not be able to choose the password,
but root can set it to anything.

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 11:17 -0800, Jim Boden wrote:
> Hi,
>   I see some of the ppolicy overlay working as expected, but other parts  not quite. Hopefully someone here has an idea of what I did wrong.
>   I configured a default ppolicy as in the tests. I set the pwdInHistory  to 6. I then keep changing the password for a user. Because I'm using  padl, I bind as an ldap user that has write perms to the full db, but  I'm not using the rootdn. 
>   The pwdMinLength test does work correctly and I have pwdCheckQuality  equal to 2. I set the password-hash to {MD5}. As I keep changing the  password, the number of pwdHistory entries keeps growing. There are 20  in there now. 
>   So that seems strange. But it also lets me re-use a password I have  used previously. With MD5, the hashes are identical for the same pwd so  I see the old hash in one of the pwdHistory entries, but it still  works. 
>   Any idea why it does not fail on a re-used password?
>   This is version 2.3.13.
>   Thanks,
>   Jim
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