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Re: openldap libraries & filters

At 09:32 AM 12/21/2005, Lieuwe Elgersma wrote:
>> It's not clear to me what code you mean here.  And though
>> you describe the error as coming from the library, it's
>> not clear to me wether the error is an "API" error or
>> a "Protocol" error.  What is the precise error code?
>> Was any error text provided?  If so, what was it?
>> Kurt
>Sorry I should have been more precise ... the ldap_search_s returns with an
>LDAP_OTHER ("Internal (implementation specific) error")  when the
>filter I described contains more then a certain number of sections.

Okay, this is a protocol error, not an API error.  That is,
it's provided by the server.  Note the error string you
quote is API generated.  There may also be server provided
error text.  This may help you narrow the problem.

However, as Ando and others have noted, the problem is
likely that server is refusing to process the overly
large request.

You can likely confirm this by examining the server's