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openldap and realm

i use fedors 4 , openldap 2.3.11 , cyrus-sasl 2.1.19
i tested the sasl using the sample server and the sample client and both works 
i tried to run ldapsearch ldap://test.mydomain.com  -R TEST.MYDOMAIN.COM -Y GSSAPI but i got an error 
gss_accept_sec_context ldap , Invalid credentials
and i traced the log file, ldap/machine@MYDOMAIN.COM <mailto:ldap/machine@MYDOMAIN.COM>  is not found
note that my realm is TEST.MYDOMAIN.COM  not  MYDOMAIN.COM
i added the sasl-realm and sasl-host to the slapd.conf but the same problem happened again
i hope u can tell me is there is anyway to tell the ldap to use the real realm ...
Amir Saad
Software Engineer