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Re: manageDIT in release? (was: createTimestamp Attribute)

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 09:29 +0100, Michael StrÃder wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> > assuming you're using a recent version of OpenLDAP, you can use the
> > manageDIT control, which allows identities with "manage" privileges to
> > write some of the operational attributes, including the createTimestamp,
> Sometimes the manageDIT control would be handy.
> Any plans when to release it?

Well, as I said, it's been in the code, behind an #ifdef, for quite a
while.  I think it lacks a specification, and there are quite a few
places where it's not being handled, mostly because the specification is

> Ciao, Michael.
> P.S.: I have already added support for it in web2ldap (if the server
> supports it).
> http://mstroeder.homeip.net:1760/web2ldap/conninfo?ldap:///dc=openldap,dc=org

I've used it, for instance, in a custom overlay to migrate entries
between distributed DSAs that are presented as a unique system by a
"smart" proxy, to allow cross-tree renaming preserving entryUUID,
createTimestamp and creatorsName.  But then we're using HEAD code most
of the time, and I expect it to be released when we get to production...

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