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RHEL4 related OpenLDAP master/slave question

Dear all,

I have set up and run successfully OpenLDAP 2.2.13-4 server as a master and slave server with replication so far, until something happened about a week ago. My slave ldap server stopped completely to answer any read requests to it's ldap directory. E.g. any ldapsearch command just hangs returning noting more than some info about the server. E.g. simple command like 'ldapsearch -x -v -h localhost uid=someuser' just print out

  ldap_initialize( ldap://localhost )
  filter: uid=someuser
  requesting: ALL
  # extended LDIF
  # LDAPv3
  # base <> with scope sub
  # filter: uid=someuser
  # requesting: ALL

and hangs, so I have to CTRL^C to kill it. Also my slave server doesn't return anymore reference to master server with any write or modification requests. I have no idea what could have changed. My firewall settings are ok (unchanged), certificate files are ok (not expired), and also both slapd.conf files (on master and slave) are unchanged. Replication from master to slave works. DNS should be ok.

All the time I have had some problems with nscd and ldap interoperability. Somethimes I can't anymore get any user data with id command on my slave server without restarting ldap service. Also slurpd
hangs on master server when starting it with '/sbin/service ldap start' command, but is still running.

I have completely run out of ideas where the problem would lie. I would appreciate any kind of help!

Some version info:

Jukka Hienola
IT Services Administrator, Department of Physical Sciences,
University of Helsinki, firstname lastname at helsinki fi,
tel. +358 (0)9 191 50713, fax. +358 (0)9 191 50610