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Re: master ldap database is not getting populated

--On Friday, December 09, 2005 4:41 PM -0800 Moe <moe_w90@yahoo.com> wrote:

I created ldif file using slapcat. The ldif file has entries like
entryUUID etc..  I removed those so that i can use ldapadd to add the
missing entries.   example: When i do
  ldapsearch -x -b 'uid=AHEALY,dc=local,dc=gov' '(objectclass=*)'
i get back object no object found.
  when i try to add the entry i get
  adding new entry "uid=AHEALY,dc=local,dc=gov"
request 2 done
ldap_add: Already exists (68)

  This is happening with all the entries that are looks missing. I have
no clue why this is happening. slurpd deamon is running and i know those
supposedly missing entries are in the slave database.
  Any ideas why this might be happening?

This would generally indicate that the entries are on your master, but the database is corrupted and needs recovering (or to be fully reloaded), assumin gof course that you allow anonymous access to your entries on the master (otherwise the serach result you got doesn't mean anything).


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