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OpenLDAP, Kerberos not Compatible with DIGEST-MD5?

Hi Everyone!
  Thanks to Kurt D. Zeilenga for the help previosly. I have now other question about storing passwords.
  I Have Kerberos 5 (Heimdal), and i could use GSSAPI and Simple Bind  specifiying {SASL}user@realm and configuring saslauthd. So far... so  good!
  But i nedd DIGEST-MD5 to be LDAPv3 Fully Compatible! (I need Plain Text  Passwords!) It is not a security problem? How could i enable DIGEST-MD5  and KERBEROS.... how i synchonized them? 
  (Kerberos doesnt store plain text passwords and DIGEST-MD5 needs plain text)..... How to solve this dilema?
  Another question... 
  How to implement DIGEST-MD5 without using sasldb backend? How to store  directly passwords on LDAP userPassword attribute and implement  DIGEST-MD5?
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