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Re: Trouble adding New entries to an OpenLDAP Server

There is actually nothing OpenLDAP-specific about your problem.
You provided malformed LDIF (or valid LDIF of invalid LDAP
data) to ldapsearch(1).  displayName has syntax directoryString
hence values should be UTF-8 encoded Unicode.  As LDIF is
UTF-8-based, one can simply provide that UTF-8 encoded Unicode
directly into the LDIF.  Likely you created the LDIF using
some other character encoding/format.  If so, use a general
purpose transcoding tool (e.g., iconv(1)) to convert it to UTF-8
encoded Unicode before passing it to ldapsearch(1).  Further
discussion of how to create proper LDIF should be directed
to a general LDAP list (e.g., <ldap@umich.edu>).


At 05:02 PM 12/7/2005, Andres Tarallo wrote:
>Hi !!!
>I'm about to migrate a directory to an OpenLDAP based server. I'm
>running OpenLDAP 2.2.27 under SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.
>I've obtain the data of my users from CVS file that I parse with a PERL
>program, developed by me, people are loaded as InetOrgPerson objects. 
>I've added entries to the directory till I've got a problem with
>national characters (spanish:  á,é,í,ó,ú,ñ).  I've modified the program
>in order to get rid of them in the DN:, but I need to display the name
>of the persons in full. So I added the display name entry in each
>object, where I added the full name of the person (my program prints IE:
>Andrés Tarallo). When I run ldapadd I get this error:  displayName: #0
>invalid per syntax. However in the grafical browser (phpldapmyadmin)
>I've managed to create the an entry without problems.
>I can do what I want  with the command line utilities?, How? Thanks in