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Schema design questions


We are in the process of converting a large LDAP directory running OpenLDAP
1.2 to OpenLDAP 2.3, and since our current schema is quite custom, we need
to recreate it for the new syntax. So far a first try is looking good, but I
have a few questions for which I have not found much documentation :

- How useful/needed are the default schemas (core.schema, openldap.schema,
...) for slapd operations ? Since our schema is not at all based on x500
attributes/objects, I have not included them, and it seems to work fine, but
are there any potential issues to be aware of ? (I noticed slapd defines a
few base objects/attributes internaly, is that enough ?)

- Is there any difference between UTF8 and IA5 string attribute types other
than the obvious syntax checks on writes, such as performance difference on
searches perhaps ?

- Not strictly related to the schema itself, but are there any issues
running bdb/hdb with an empty suffix ?



Gaël Roualland -+- gael.roualland@oleane.net