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Re: slapd 2.3.11: protocol error, historical protocol version requested

Buchan Milne writes:
>On Monday 05 December 2005 13:28, Kevin Roettger wrote:
>> do_bind: version=2 dn="" method=128
>> (...)
>> So here stops the fun. All commands like ldapadd and ldapsearch
>> return this protocol error message, and the FAQ is not helpful in
>> this case (http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/693.html). Using -P
>> 2 and -P 3 output exactly the same result.
>> Thanks for any clue.
> Most likely, your ldapsearch/ldapadd don't come from your OpenLDAP
> installation.

...and if you can't fix it at the client side, you can instead put

       allow bind_v2

in slapd.conf and restart the server.  This is not true LDAPv2 support:
The server accepts Bind with protocol version 2, but otherwise acts like
an LDAPv3 server.  Often that will work, but sometimes it will not -
e.g. if the client sends latin-1 characters instead of ASCII or UTF-8.