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Re: Linking OpenLDAP

At 08:04 AM 12/4/2005, Golden Butler wrote:
>Do OpenLDAP have the capability to replicate directory data from slapd to another LDAP server not using slapd? 

While OpenLDAP Software contains so function specifically
designed to push directory data into other (non-OpenLDAP)
LDAP servers, one might be able to accomplish this using

If you were interested in attempting this, I would suggest
you first experiment with use of slurpd(8)
between two slapd(8) instances, replicating only the
attributes you intend to push to the other LDAP server.
After accomplishing this, changing slurpd(8) to push
to the other LDAP server should be a matter of changing
the provider's configuration.


> Is something like diagram below possible?
>|------------ |
>| openldap|   - ldap posix and users and groups created and stored here
>| 100 users|
>|------------ |
>  |
>  | < Link >
>  |
>|ldap server |  -  the same users and groups from openldap server show here
>| 100 users  |
>- Delamatrix