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Re: Search on 'member' attribute in dynamic group

The real entry is like

member: uid=blah,ou=people...

member=uid=blah,ou...  is a filter

At 07:16 AM 12/2/2005, matthew sporleder wrote:
Are you sure the entry is really member=uid=blah,ou...? and not
something like uid=blah,ou=people,....?

Try a search for objectlcass=* so you can get a better idea of what
the actual dn's looks like.

On 12/1/05, Jason Lin <jlin@uci.edu> wrote:
> I have configured dynlist to return member information.  When i
> search on member, eg: (member=uid=blah,ou=people,dc=uci,dc=edu), it
> didn't come back with any result
> Jason
> At 07:25 AM 12/1/2005, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> > > Does anyone know if there is a way to search on the 'member' result
> > > returned in a dynamic group?
> >
> >yes; if you use the dynlist overlay instead of the dyngroup.  The code
> >that is currently in HEAD should compile on 2.2 as well.  Be sure you read
> >the manual, because the syntax changed.
> >