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RE: sql-backend - ldapadd fails

--On Tuesday, November 29, 2005 5:10 PM -0800 dpinkard@AccessLine.com wrote:

The resolution to this, if anyone else ever gets stuck, is that the
provided sample SQL files do not have enough smarts to actually maintain
the ldap database properly. I think the overal layout/design stinks, but
I at least got it working enough to understand the moving parts. In the
ldap_oc_mappings table, it needs to know how to create additional rows in
the helper tables ('persons', in the case of inetOrgPerson from these
examples), and ldap_attr_mappings is unable to actually stuff the data in
as its add_proc, etc fields are empty. Included are some entries that
work a little better, but require MySQL functions to operate. They can't
really handle multiple updates at once, but it isn't too bad. Changing to
mySQL's auto_increment fields would fix that.

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