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LDAP Newbie Building first database attribute issues

   Hi The subject says it all.
   I am building my first LDAP database using RHEL4 and the LDAP-HOW-To. I've
   got most things working now except when I try to add extra attributes.
   The uncommented lines came standard or were part of the tutorial. When I
   try to add any of the commented lines I get an error.
   Can anyone please through some light I what I need to do next
   # Mike's Entry
   dn: cn=Mike smith, dc=xyz, dc=com
   objectClass: person
   sn: smith
   givenname: Mike
   #o: xyz
   #cn: Mike smith
   Password: mike
   #c: NZ
   #mail: [1]mike@xyz.com
   ou: xyz


   Visible links
   1. mailto:mike@xyz.com