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Rép. : Re: OpenLDAP version for new server

what is the diferrence between the 2.3.11 version of openldap and the
2.3.12 ?
I have starded to work (I 'm not in prodiuction for the moment) is it
interesting for me to use the 2.3.12 ?

>>> "Pierangelo Masarati" <ando@sys-net.it> 11/26 10:27  >>>

>> What is the relationship between the 2.2.x and the 2.3.x releases?
>> Up until yesterday, they seemed to be in lockstep, but I never found
>> concise treatment of what was different between them.
>> I assume this has come up on the mailing lists before, but I
>> find
>> the right buzzwords to zero in on a discussion.  Can you suggest
>> pointers?
> Did you read the OpenLDAP roadmap?  This usually lists general
> between the various releases.
> Here's some off the top of my head:
> Greater stability
> New cn=config backend
> Complete rewrite of the syncRepl protocol
> Addition of delta-syncrepl
> Many new overlays

... that can be stacked also on the frontend, and are much more
(ACLs, and so);
better streamlined and complete database gluing;
there might be more.


> Increased speed
> -q (quick) option to the slap tools

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