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Re: Rép. : Re: OpenLDAP version for new server

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> do you know when it's will be possible ?


To prevent further yes/no questions, let me add that (of course) there is
no detailed roadmap for these activities.  All of us are committed in
bringing all of slapd under back-config.  I personally did it for some of
the software I need (back-ldap, slapo-chain, slapo-pcache, slapo-smbk5pwd;
planning to do more), but it's a sometimes boring, usually very little
rewarding activity especially when one doesn't immediately need to use
that component with back-config.  My priority will go to those components
I'm using most, i.e. back-meta & slapo-rwm right now; maybe Quanah would
appreciate someone works at back-relay, which would likely be trivial once
slapo-rwm is done.  If I were to define a priority list for this activity,
the componets I mentioned would definitely be on top of that list. 
slapo-unique is not a priority for me right now; note that I cannot define
a schedule even for those that are a priority for me, because nobody is
currently sponsoring this activity, since none of our customers seem to
realize how important back-config would be for their activity.  If you
want to code it yourself and submit a patch, you'll definitely be welcome
(as soon as integrating the patch requires less work than re-coding from
scratch).  Otherwise, if that's a priority for you (or for anyboby you
know), you can hire someone to do the job.  In this case, I'd suggest
Symas first, since they designed the back-config stuff.  I think SysNet
would be a good alternative, since we already contributed code in that
area, and thus proved to be able to do the work.


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