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Re: OpenLDAP version for new server

I've updated http://www.openldap.org/software/download/
so that it's less confused.

At 01:21 PM 11/25/2005, Johan A. wrote:
>I have a couple of OpenLDAP 2.2.x machines and now I
>want to add a new one. I'm using Fedora Core 4 and as
>far as I can see 2.2.29 is the latest included in that
>So, according to:
>"Most users should use "release" (general use)
>But is it recomended to stick with the 2.2.x
>version(since I already have a couple of those) or go
>for the 2.3.x version? Is it possible to replicate a
>2.2.x with a 2.3.x(provided the data structure and
>configuration options used is available with both
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