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ldapadd and changetype:add

Openldap will reject the addition of a new brand entry if the format comes in this way?
-x -h localhost -D "cn=Manager,cn=Recipients,ou=EXUGSTL,o=EDS" -W -f
dn: cn=Case,cn=Recipients,ou=EXUGSTL,o=EDS
changetype: add
add: cn
cn: Case, Terri
add: objectClass
objectClass: organizationalPerson
add: distinguishedName
distinguishedName: cn=Case,cn=Recipients,ou=EXUGSTL,o=EDS
add: mail
mail: terri.case@eds.com
add: sn
sn: Case
add: telephoneNumber
telephoneNumber: 314-264-8445
add: rfc822Mailbox
rfc822Mailbox: terri.case@eds.com
  A friend of mine passed me a perl script that transform an CSV to LDIF  but this script allways puts "add:  "  for each attribute and  I wonder there will be a problem.
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