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Re: sizelimit evaluated before ACLs?

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 15:14 -0800, Howard Chu wrote:
> It is the as-designed behavior. But you're right, the design is broken 
> here. Currently all sizelimit checking is done in the individual 
> backends,

This could be easily fixed: right now, backends just rely on the fact
they got to calling send_search_entry() to do sizelimit handling; we
should check if the entry was actually sent (and trusting the return
value of send_search_entry() would not work, because many callback
layers may intervene)...  I suspect we'd need to add a special internal
result code that says "ACLs prevented sending to client", sort of

> while the search ACLs are checked in the frontend. Checking in 
> the backends means there's a lot of redundant code; it should all be 
> moved into the frontend.
> Such a change would break the pagedResults implementation in back-bdb. 
> But that's probably OK, since the pagedResults feature properly belongs 
> in the frontend as well.

That's on the long-term todo list...


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