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Re: ERROR: value does not conform to assertion syntax

At 10:11 AM 11/20/2005, Sudhakar wrote:
>>Nov 20 11:36:14 dev1 slapd[26783]: <<< dnPrettyNormal: <cn=itadmin,ou=roles,o=mycompany>, <cn=itadmin,ou=roles,o=mycompany>
>>Nov 20 11:36:14 dev1 slapd[26783]: >>> nameUIDPretty: <a4605>
>>Nov 20 11:36:14 dev1 slapd[26783]: >>> dnPretty: <a4605>
>>Nov 20 11:36:14 dev1 slapd[26783]: send_ldap_result: conn=17 op=4 p=3
>>Nov 20 11:36:14 dev1 slapd[26783]: send_ldap_result: err=21 matched="" text="value does not conform to assertion syntax"

slapd(8) is reporting, quite correctly, that value "a4605"
doesn't conform to the assertion syntax nameAndOptionalUID,
the syntax of uniqueMember and various other attribute types.
That is, your client software appears to be configured in
a manner which causes it to make an invalid assertion, likely
involving the uniqueMember attribute.  You should read up
on how the client software you are using is intended to be
configured and take any issues with that to a list about
this client software.  If you have general questions about
any of standard attribute type, or standard attribute
or assertion syntaxes, I suggest you take them to a general
LDAP list.